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Eternuss Lab Reviews

Post by Ironworker on Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:09 am

Vials are very pretty . Oils inside are really thin with zero pip for me. I started the TestoForm E and Masteform E and have been running the Masteform P at 75mg ed. Within 5 days i was already seeing new vasularity through my traps that ive never seen before. I've woken up in a tint every morning for the last week and libido is already raging. This is the best masteron ive run to date. Ive only ran 3 brands but all have been from the top 5 sources here and this is giving me the best results and seems to be doing what mast is supposed to do. I will review the test e and mast e in 3 weeks. Eternuss Lab i love you! This lab is great.

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