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I wasn’t always like this. A long time ago I used to spend hours reading comics, playing computer games and surfing the internet on a daily basis. Although I played football and trained karate, I wasn’t pleased with my body. All of my friends were bigger and stronger than me, even those who didn’t play sports. I knew that I needed some change. I needed that looks that would make me appear strong and powerful. I needed that body that would make a girl stop in her tracks to check me out. I needed to do something new and existing, something that would give me visible results. I needed to build my muscles. When I started secondary school, no one ever mentioned the sport of bodybuilding. I haven’t met anyone who was practicing it, so I started to think that I am different from others. I wanted to train and lift weights. I had it do it all alone, without anyone’s advice or help. Check my website to know more about me.


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