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newbie of course, T3 and Clen cycle for fat loss


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newbie of course, T3 and Clen cycle for fat loss

Post by zaire on Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:35 am

new to the game and I got some t3 and is decent but can be better, and I'll be stepping my cardio up...I'm about 5'9 215...can somebody recommend a beginning cycle??


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Re: newbie of course, T3 and Clen cycle for fat loss

Post by mgeorge on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:44 am

I got a good beginer cycle from England some time ago

Week 1 25mcg ed (every day)
Week 2 50mcg ed
Week 3 75mcg ed
Week 4 75mcg ed
Week 5 50mcg ed
Week 6 25mcg ed for the first 4 days then 12.5mcg for the rest!

Run the clen 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off! So the cycle should look like this:
Day 1 Clen 20mg
Day 2 Clen 20mg
Day 3 Clen 40mg
Day 4 Clen 60mg
Day 5 Clen 60mg
Day 6 Clen 80mg
Day 7 Clen 80mg
Day 8 Clen 80mg
Day 9 Clen 80mg
Day 10 Clen 60mg
Day 11 Clen 60mg
Day 12 Clen 40mg
Day 13 Clen 20mg
Day 14 Clen 20mg

I have yet to try the T-3, but from what I hear from the other members, it can be dangerous if not taken properly. Drink a lot of water. Take your body temp. daily to see how much the your body heat is increasing. If you find that it is up a lot with only 25mcg of T-3, then don't increase it! Go to the search section and I'm sure you will find a lot of info from more people who have tried it.
Good Luck

225 pounds, 6ft 1in,Neck=19in, Bi's= ,Quads= ,
P.S. I don't spell well and don't condone the use of illegal drugs. This is all make believe....right?

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Re: newbie of course, T3 and Clen cycle for fat loss

Post by pincrusher on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:31 am

before you jump into using either of those products, what have you tried already to help shed fat lbs? have you tried any of the otc products or eca stacks? t-3 and clen as mgeorge pointed out is not to be taken lightly and you really need to know your body and how to use those products before trying them. if missused they can do serious harm.
you should also post your diet in the nutrition section cause since you all ready commented that you can do better, that would be the first thing i worked on before taking any supplements. diet is the make or break it thing and without a good plan you will fail at your goals cause even if you shed lbs with the clen and t-3 without knowing how to eat properly you will end up gaining it all right back not long after you come off those products.

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Re: newbie of course, T3 and Clen cycle for fat loss

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