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IGF1-L3 Help Needed

pin kushion
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IGF1-L3 Help Needed Empty IGF1-L3 Help Needed

Post by pin kushion on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:26 am

IGF1-L3 - I was curious on how to take this product and some info on this product from I was thinking of buying to try. not sure on how much to take & for how long to take. need to know average dosages and timelengths between shots.

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IGF1-L3 Help Needed Empty Re: IGF1-L3 Help Needed

Post by thehulk3791 on Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:15 am

ok I am still on it right now its ok but deffinatly not for someone who hats to get big its more of something for the kind of person who whats to be a nodybuilder some for a begginer I reccomend 40-60mcg a day I am doing around 50 and next time I do it will never go less than 80mcg.

and when doing it time between shots should be around 8 hours apart 2 times a day one when u wake up then one after working out ( thats if u work out at night) just make sure u do it 8 hours after.

also to add only cycle it for 1 month then a moth off to get ur resepters back up.

and gen is receptor greade I think but if I were u I would buy media grade...same shit just $300 less......sorry gen for that one but its true

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