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Post by Beezie on Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:41 am

My experience from

I have finally found an honest and quality supplier of steroids to USA. After being scammed by others, BUYSTEROIDS.WS has been absolutely fantastic to deal with.

The communication was excellent and quick to respond. Items delivered On time and intact was exactly what I ordered. Every order is shipped fast and their communication with buyers is perfect. The product is high quality and packaged well.

I have ordered from them: Sustanon, Testosterone enanthate, Boldenone, Trenbolone, Deca.

Results start to show in a few weeks. Both strength and size noticeably increase.

I'm very pleased with the whole process from this source.

I would recommend BUYSTEROIDS.WS to anybody looking for a quality supplier who delivers fast every time.


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Re: Reviews - American Steroids Online

Post by CYPHON on Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:16 am

Ordered from these guys 3-4 times this year already - in my opinion they're the best source out there, quality of all the labs are 10/10. customer service is good, always quick to respond never have any issues. I've recommended 5-6 guys to them who have all made at least one order and had no problems at all - always recieved within 1-2 weeks after payment.

Communication is always excellent, get any email within an hour of order with instructions on making payment then given rough estimate on delivery.

Always bubble wrapped carefully and in original labs box unopened.

I previously ran tren from a friend a while ago and didn't really hit me but these ones from are top, night sweats after two days which I love as proves it potent and the real deal, become more vascular and veiny within 7-10 days. The prop is dope, horny all the fucking time and get insane pumps from the test prop and tren a together.

Currently running 75mg eod of test prop and tren a and the results I'm getting are amazing! throwing in the winny next week and going to use the slin in a 7weeks after my comp so I will update you on the progress on those!

Anyone that hasn't ordered online before or are looking to change sources these are your guys right here! Fast delivery, low prices for QUALITY gear! There isn't many people you can trust out there when trying to obtain gear - here you have everything you could wish for!


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Re: Reviews - American Steroids Online

Post by highgear on Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:25 pm

Overdue review from my last cycle. Probably ordered here 8 or 9 times and as always great service and products.

I am not sure how much detail i am allowed to go into regarding the transaction so ill keep it vague. i screwed up. However he contacted me, told me what i had done and offered a solution. i don't know the guy personally but i respect him for what he did.

Other than there isn't much communication needed, its a very smooth process.

t/a was as quick as always, arrived 1-2 weeks after payment

It was only after i ordered i saw that the Balkan's testosterone is highly faked, i spent ages studying images of various real and fake versions and in my opinion these are genuine. they have the handle on the teacup logo, most fakes don't have that.

The cycle was test e 500mg a week, equipoise 600mg a week split between two injections mon/thurs.

The test e- the amps were easy to break an all filled to the same level. i used this test weeks 11-15. So it was already in full swing from another brand of test.

The pip was a little bit more noticeable than the other brand i was using, however it wasn't enough to cause any pain or swelling and didn't hamper any workouts.

clean and clear oil and not too thick, went through a 23g needle with ease.

The odd spot started appearing from the oily skin but not too bad, i generally don't get that many bad sides, maybe an increase in hair shedding but i am going bald naturally so i don't care. i cant remember exact changes in strength but it was definitely noticeable even though my aim for this cycle was time under tension rather than sheer poundage.

The Equipoise- First time using EQ so i cant compare it to another brand. it was the gold top SP so i believe i got it before there demise and the dreaded black tops.

I chose EQ for the appetite increase, which it did do but not to the extent i was hoping for. i would like to point out ghrp6 doesn't make me that hungry either so it might just be me rather than the product.

The effects started for me from week 8 with this product, like i had read beforehand slow an steady gains is what i got. my delts never looked fuller and for the first time a couple of veins made an appearance across the top of my chest.

all in all i was pleased with the gains and look eq gives and its stayed around long after pct. i will definitely be trying it again, maybe not next cycle but in the future an maybe run it at 800mg a week.

A pleasure as always with this source and will definitely be shopping here again in the near future!

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Re: Reviews - American Steroids Online

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