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Re: Reviews

Post by solay on Tue May 08, 2018 7:00 am

Great people, great service, great products thanks for letting me try your products. I'll be your guinea pig any time.

I did receive tracking info but the package was at my door before even thinking about tracking it.

Super quick. It arrived before estimated T/A

I received promo pack containing 50 Kalpa Labs winstrol 10mg + 20 adex . 25mg

I've been taking the winstrol at 40mg ed Pre-workout and it's awesome. I'm getting more vascular than I already am. Muscles feel tighter a bit more dense. Nothing very noticeable but I can sure feel it. I swapped out my current adex to give the one I received a try and I need to take 1mg of this adex instead of my usual dose of .5mg.

Over all these products work well in my opinion. I will be giving them a shot on a full cycle during the summer.


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Re: Reviews

Post by juaneye on Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:27 am

got some clen proviron and winstrol. im now 5 days out from my first bodybuilding competition and these products are spot on.... im down to 3% bodyfat and weigh 222.2 this morning all with alot of help from goanabolics!!!

great communication always nice and gets back to you crazy fast.


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Re: Reviews

Post by susy00 on Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:34 am

Good quality products, shipping could be better

Never initiated any communication nor requested support, so I can't comment.

I placed two orders, T/A was 2 weeks for each. In my experience, this is slow. Most other reviews don't seem to detail this explicitly, so I'm not sure of this is typical or I am just unlucky. Regardless, I would be happier if I had known that this is a regular thing.

tren, mast, test

Been on it all for a few weeks. Working as usual for me, so I am pleased. No discernable PIP. If I had one complaint, the vials use an inferior rubber that leaks after just a few draws. Seems easy and cheap enough to fix though, so this is likely just a temporary problem.

Overall, good source. Just wish it was faster!

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Re: Reviews

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