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Cutting Cycle


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Cutting Cycle

Post by machinehead on Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:16 am


I just finished my first cycle, I did [email protected] of Test E, I'm planning to do the 2nd cycle at feb 2018.


Height: 171cm
Weight: 75Kgs.
Lifting: 3 years.
I'm thinking about 8 weeks cycle.

I'm considering to take masteron enanthate or test prop.

Also I'm going to take:
T3 - 6 weeks:
1st week, 25mcg ED
2nd week, 50mcg ED
3rd week, 75mcg ED
4th week, 75mcg ED
5th week, 50mcg ED
6th week, 25mcg ED

2 weeks on - 2 weeks of, 40,60,80,100,120,120,120,120,120,100,80,60,40,20.

Which compound should I take?


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Re: Cutting Cycle

Post by Tikaelkcin on Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:10 am

If you're relying on the Clen & T3 to shed the BF by itself, it ain't gonna happen bro. I debated running them for my current cycle but was afraid of losing muscle, so opted to REALLY focus on diet & cardio.

You'd be amazed at what cardio 3x /wk, a clean diet, and cycling carbs can do. I now have abs for the first time in my life, and have never run clen or T3.

Do as you see fit, but this is my $0.02

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Dr. Steroids
Dr. Steroids

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Re: Cutting Cycle

Post by Dr. Steroids on Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:47 am

Judging from your stats, I think you need to really work on your DIET. At your present weight you can easily make gains without any use of AAS.

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Re: Cutting Cycle

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