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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by asap06 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:35 am

was concerned about kalpa test being quality, but it has turned out to be very good. weight, strength, and libido all up.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by tat2ed on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:52 am

I ordered for myself and my girlfriend I'm on the eastcoast and she's on the westcoast, both orders arrived at the same time (dynamite) as for the product I pinned my Testoxyl E and Test C and both are g2g. I felt the rush 20 min after pinning (man I love that shit!) anyway I sent gh to my girl and she said everything was perfect. You guys rock! Just placed my four order for myself and her I love the fact that 1steroids responds so quickly and product shows up right away. #1Steroids rocks!

Dolla Bill

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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Dolla Bill on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:51 am

Have ordered of 1steroids before but this review is for Dragon Pharma's Cut Mix.

Answered all emails prompt and in a timely manner.

Package was very discreet and they got back with my tracker very quick as I requested. I need to get package before wife so was able to stay back and collect off postal service. 5 days in total across the pond.

Very good product and totally pip free which was surprising as I thought it would have a small pip due to short esters. Very professional looking and you can verify product on site. Oil was very tin.

I've done tren a number of times and this was the first time I got the dreaded tren cough. I got shortness of breath and then a funny taste in my mouth nearly though I was die from the coughing. Libido was up from the prop and I felt pumped up all the time. I felt tight and rock hard and my strength went through the roof. Veins where popping out on me that weren't there before.

Very good product hope to order more of the range in the coming months as have seen a few good lab reports back on the labs products. Will use 1steroids again as it was fairly hassle free.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Fuzo on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:18 am

now my number one got to source, 10 plus faultless orders ,all quality gear

Always replies to any questions , there was one minor hiccup with an order which he kept to his word and made good on where others wouldn't of bothered ,

Dragon pharma sust, at the time is a quality lab, usual signs of good gear , sex drive boost, steady weight gain and strength increase,

Dragon pharma eq, first time using eq, experienced an increased appetite, fullness,

Kalpa sustanon, I was wary ordering these as its so highly faked, but it was definitely legit, love genuine kalpas, sex drive through the roof gained a good 15 pounds ,

Arimidex, added in Adex I was getting the usual high estrogen symptoms, sore joints, emotional, within a week felt back to normal, sore joints eased , happier mood, def g2g

Hcg , decided to blast at the end of cycle rather than use throughout , within a few days of 500iu , balls grew, sex drive improved, all signs of good hcg

Can't recommend enough!


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by JoeBoe on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:27 am

First time using this source because my other go to source has disappeared. I def made the right choice coming here!!! Thank you so much

Very fast to respond to emails and pms. The communication and friendliness is top of the game.

Some of the best packing, let's just say the goods were very secure, trust this. 7 days to my door once payment was picked up which was next week after I sent it. Very fast!!!!

I am able to comment on the quality so far because this is test suspension and it's already kicking in. I started with a test order of 7 bottles of suspension 100 because I'll also be stacking with tren ace. I do 100mg suspension every day same time to the minute. This stuff is not for the weak of heart. The crystals are big in this solution and even causing some clogging in 23g. I have done 5 injects so far and 5 days in. I am rotating both glutes and both delts and each spot is still sore. The pip is not fun. Typical for suspension. Doesn't feel good going in either. Cannot let the product sit for a sec once shaken you better go with it. With all that being said I felt it after a couple hours first inject and now 5 days in my cock won't stay down, every muscle on my body is pumped 24/7 and I'm an animal. The stuff is powerful and legit and if you can deal with it it's the best test you can use.

I have used Dragon Pharma in the past. If you can get legit DP you will be getting a superior product. I can say 1steroids is a legit seller of DP so buy with confidence.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Loiro on Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:38 am

Ordered a while back and order came in about 12 days

Always emailed as soon as he could and kept me informed

Perfect and very discreet package

Ordered Dianabaol and nolvadex

Quality as great the real thing

Perfect in every way is he still supplying though I've emailed a few times but no response

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Re: 1Steroids.Net

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