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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by asap06 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:35 am

was concerned about kalpa test being quality, but it has turned out to be very good. weight, strength, and libido all up.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by tat2ed on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:52 am

I ordered for myself and my girlfriend I'm on the eastcoast and she's on the westcoast, both orders arrived at the same time (dynamite) as for the product I pinned my Testoxyl E and Test C and both are g2g. I felt the rush 20 min after pinning (man I love that shit!) anyway I sent gh to my girl and she said everything was perfect. You guys rock! Just placed my four order for myself and her I love the fact that 1steroids responds so quickly and product shows up right away. #1Steroids rocks!

Dolla Bill

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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Dolla Bill on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:51 am

Have ordered of 1steroids before but this review is for Dragon Pharma's Cut Mix.

Answered all emails prompt and in a timely manner.

Package was very discreet and they got back with my tracker very quick as I requested. I need to get package before wife so was able to stay back and collect off postal service. 5 days in total across the pond.

Very good product and totally pip free which was surprising as I thought it would have a small pip due to short esters. Very professional looking and you can verify product on site. Oil was very tin.

I've done tren a number of times and this was the first time I got the dreaded tren cough. I got shortness of breath and then a funny taste in my mouth nearly though I was die from the coughing. Libido was up from the prop and I felt pumped up all the time. I felt tight and rock hard and my strength went through the roof. Veins where popping out on me that weren't there before.

Very good product hope to order more of the range in the coming months as have seen a few good lab reports back on the labs products. Will use 1steroids again as it was fairly hassle free.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Fuzo on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:18 am

now my number one got to source, 10 plus faultless orders ,all quality gear

Always replies to any questions , there was one minor hiccup with an order which he kept to his word and made good on where others wouldn't of bothered ,

Dragon pharma sust, at the time is a quality lab, usual signs of good gear , sex drive boost, steady weight gain and strength increase,

Dragon pharma eq, first time using eq, experienced an increased appetite, fullness,

Kalpa sustanon, I was wary ordering these as its so highly faked, but it was definitely legit, love genuine kalpas, sex drive through the roof gained a good 15 pounds ,

Arimidex, added in Adex I was getting the usual high estrogen symptoms, sore joints, emotional, within a week felt back to normal, sore joints eased , happier mood, def g2g

Hcg , decided to blast at the end of cycle rather than use throughout , within a few days of 500iu , balls grew, sex drive improved, all signs of good hcg

Can't recommend enough!


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by JoeBoe on Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:27 am

First time using this source because my other go to source has disappeared. I def made the right choice coming here!!! Thank you so much

Very fast to respond to emails and pms. The communication and friendliness is top of the game.

Some of the best packing, let's just say the goods were very secure, trust this. 7 days to my door once payment was picked up which was next week after I sent it. Very fast!!!!

I am able to comment on the quality so far because this is test suspension and it's already kicking in. I started with a test order of 7 bottles of suspension 100 because I'll also be stacking with tren ace. I do 100mg suspension every day same time to the minute. This stuff is not for the weak of heart. The crystals are big in this solution and even causing some clogging in 23g. I have done 5 injects so far and 5 days in. I am rotating both glutes and both delts and each spot is still sore. The pip is not fun. Typical for suspension. Doesn't feel good going in either. Cannot let the product sit for a sec once shaken you better go with it. With all that being said I felt it after a couple hours first inject and now 5 days in my cock won't stay down, every muscle on my body is pumped 24/7 and I'm an animal. The stuff is powerful and legit and if you can deal with it it's the best test you can use.

I have used Dragon Pharma in the past. If you can get legit DP you will be getting a superior product. I can say 1steroids is a legit seller of DP so buy with confidence.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by Loiro on Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:38 am

Ordered a while back and order came in about 12 days

Always emailed as soon as he could and kept me informed

Perfect and very discreet package

Ordered Dianabaol and nolvadex

Quality as great the real thing

Perfect in every way is he still supplying though I've emailed a few times but no response


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by praetorian on Mon May 01, 2017 10:28 am

Ordered from here twice now. Great products at a great price. This is a hidden gem.

Quick to respond to emails. Never needed to contact other than for the business of the transaction.

Packs surprised me. Took me a few minutes to get through all the layers. He makes sure to save space and keep packs discreet.

Hcg kept my nuts nice and plump throughout my whole cycle. It mixed very nicely with the bac water. Also sent my libido through the roof the first few weeks of use. Helps during trough days when levels are lowest right before next pin Aromasin - had as backup in case ugl didn't pan out as g2g and only had to use some when I ran out of Ugl letro - no comment haven't used yet Adex - did not keep estro in check even when I upped dose to 1mg a day. I checked bloods and it was in fact lowering my estro just not as effectively as it should. I think I'll be sticking to aromasin from now on.

Really like this sources payment options and communication. Definitely will be buying again


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by lxfiveo on Wed May 03, 2017 8:41 am

This will be a review for a Humatrope kit.

Some of the best communication ever. Always responded in a timely manner and sent tracking within 10 hours of making the payment.

The T/A took about a week and a half from ship date. Keep in mind that this was shipped to the west coast. I think it would've came sooner but this was recently during a holiday so those packages can get a bit help up. Packaging was great, secure and discreet like it should be. The product also came in its original packaging which was a plus.

I have never taken pharma HGH before so the only thing that I can compare it to would be generic blue tops from China. There is a definite difference in terms of side effects. I am not experiencing anything close to those blue tops that I've previously taken. With the blue tops, I was excessively tired, had to nap after every meal, and generally, didn't feel that great probably because I was tired all of the time. This Humatrope is something else... it is definitely "cleaner" to say the least. So far, what I've noticed is this natural energy that is hard to explain. I've only been on for about a week now but my stamina in the gym is unlike anything that I've experienced. I am usually needing a break between my exercises but I can just keep going and going on this Huma. Sleep has been easy. Very mild tingling in the hands and arms at times. Only time will tell to see what else this Huma will do for me.

I've only been on 1.8-2 IU's this past week and plan on finishing this kit at that dose so I can get another 72 IU kit afterward and bump it up. Love dealing with 1steroids and plan to continue using him for pharma gear as long as he's around.


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Post by marcus87 on Mon May 08, 2017 11:20 pm

I went to the website to try to access it, but I keep getting an error page saying the site cannot be reached. Is anyone else getting this error?


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by BoulderMan on Tue May 09, 2017 2:57 am

I have ordered about 6 times from these guys and they've been awesome. the last 2 orders got ceased at customs (Australia) and we came to a very reasonable arrangement. I'd recommend ordering from them any time. The packaging is fantastic and Australia is notoriously difficult to get through. Every time i ordered AAS it got through. The only time packages were ceased was when i ordered HGH. I haven't ordered again in the last 3 months but am about to order from them again as they're worth the risk. I've ordered from other sources to see if i can get any HGH through customs but still no success. I need an order of test and have no hesitation in going to 1Steroids for this.

Communication is excellent and consistent. I haven't had any issues with connecting with 1Steroids no matter the question(s).

Packaging is so good that the first time i received the order i thought some items were missing. Some orders that got through had even been checked by customs and still got through successfully.

I did a cycle for 12 weeks:

TestE: 500Mg/wk

Deca: 400Mg/wk Put on 8kgs with most of this early in the cycle from a base of 82 kgs. I didn't do a well planned PCT so lost most of this weight after the cycle.

Last cycle: 14wks

TestE: 600mg/wk

Deca: 400Mg/wk

DBol: 40Mg/day - wks 1-5 PCT: Nolva

Put on 15kgs and now 2 months post cycle with 7kgs retained. I haven't had any issues with the quality of the products and have had test levels checked both before the last cycle and at the end and test levels showed good quality products.

Some orders were very quick (2 weeks) while others took up to 9 weeks to receive, but throughout the whole process the communication with 1Steroids was strong along with having tracking on the order gives confidence these guys are legit. I've ordered from many others before but 1Steroids is the best by a long shot Wink Will be ordering again.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by marcus87 on Tue May 09, 2017 4:03 am

@Boulderman are you able to access their website? I can't get on the website. It keeps saying the site cannot be reached. Thanks Mate!

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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by scooterboy on Wed May 10, 2017 3:37 am

nope, the site is up and running


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by ravendark0070 on Wed May 17, 2017 4:24 am

I've now had 2 orders from this source and both have arrived on time and been the real deal. Everything I have got has been pharma grade and real.Pharma is way better than ugl, no matter what anybody says.I Won't go anywhere else now.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by dilboy on Wed May 24, 2017 4:18 am

Nice experience overall. Got my anadrol, some test, and PCT stuff. Can't comment on the test as not using for first month, and still need to get some more to add to the cycle, just using anadrols to kick start. Gear is defo legit 100%. Just started using the anadrol and know it's legit as it gives me a certain feeling where I know instantly it's the real stuff. Had little experience with Kalpa labs stuff though, usually use dragon pharma so will update in a month on how good it is compared to dragon pharma stuff. But this guy is a legit and decent source.


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by mchris on Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:28 am

I am a first time buyer of 1Steroids

I received response to emails within 24 hours ,with excellent information and help .

Package arrived within 8 working days of my order being sent ,items packed securely ,with tracking number.

I am an older guy who wanted to try some test ,product was easily drawn and injected very smoothly without pip ,I felt the benefit of the Test within a couple of days ,will go on 12 week course with Deca etc added .

1Steroids run a good helpful service ,I have already ordered more gear .


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by bewarned on Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:26 pm

This is a review for my latest order off of 1Steroids

Discreet and very quick as expected

Arimixyl anastrozole 1mg

Ordered these because of the price had some quite bad gyno symptoms. Didn't really touch my gyno but looking into the matter further I don't think it was the right compound to of order when I mentioned it 1Steroids was very helpful and helped guide me in the right direction

Would 100% recommend 1Steroids to anybody


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Re: 1Steroids.Net

Post by homebrewed on Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:06 am

been running his Sustanon250 1ml amps twice a week, once on monday, then once on thursday , I've also been taking the D-bol ,running them at , 30mgs the first week , then 40 the next week , and now I'm at 50 this week...

now let me tell you I put on 10 pounds in 3 weeks ,I eat very clean , and look very lean!

I can most definitely vouch for these products...

what can I say, 1Steroids has came through every time...

I can already tell a big difference in my body justin at 3 weeks, that I've been on,,, the funny part is I still got 7 weeks togo ")

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Re: 1Steroids.Net

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