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Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?


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Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?

Post by bjjdpp on Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:32 am

i remember readin on here along time ago it doesnt matter where you inject, but my friend who always injects in his arms tells me it does, does wher you inject depend on the rate at which muscle grows in the injection area?

also if the oil wasnt injected into the muscle but into fat, does the muscle still absorb it?

just like to settle few discussions down at the gym!


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Re: Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?

Post by androallen on Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:33 am

I hope I can explain this decently. Please anyone else help me out here.

Spot injections are pretty controversial. Some say that Spot Inj with HGH or IGF works.

But with Test/Deca, Test/EQ, Test/Tren it is not. Or I would have the biggest ass on the planet.

Seriously all spot injections do is Saturate that muscle first, but it is still absorbed into the body.

This is were I am bad at explaining things. Im sure someone will pick this apart quickly....hahahahaha

If 2 people are the same size as one another, basically apples to apples, and BB1 injects 2xweek in his glutes while BB2 inj. 2x week in his Bi's. BB2 Bi's will look bigger cause of the oil in his arms. But it will be absorbed in days and go back to a normal size.

Hope this helps

Dr. Steroids
Dr. Steroids

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Re: Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?

Post by Dr. Steroids on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:14 am

With esterless aas like suspension and even short esters yes they DO cause localized growth. Also, GH and IGF have been known to cause this as well. Many of us have see first hand the increase in overall size in localized injected areas.

Longer esteres dont cause lasting growth in the injection site.

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Re: Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?

Post by mandarb11 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:09 am

You will hear lots of opinions on this, the only thing that I agree will help with spot growth would be IGF and that is simply due to the nature of the beast, ie. Cellular multiplication. Steroids work systemically (as does IGF and HGH but IGf is supposed to have a special affinity for absorbing into a freshly worked muscle post workout), the steroid molecule releases from the ester (the ester only determines how long the steroid molecule will stay bound to the ester so it makes little sense that a short estered product would allow for spot growth whereas the long ester does not) they then circulate through the bloodstream from the site of the depot and as the ester releases the hormone it then binds to the ar receptor, yada yada yada. People that inject things like propinate and tren A claim that they notice spot growth in smaller muslces but I would think that it has to do with the fact that these products cause localized swelling of the tissue that subsides after the injection course ends. Hell we would all have 25 inch arms if spot injecting worked! As I said everyone has an opinion on this but the evidence in my mind is serverly lacking.

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Re: Local Injection Increase Muscle Size?

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