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Nolva only for PCT.

Buster Hymen

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Nolva only for PCT.

Post by Buster Hymen on Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:59 am

Hey fellas, Can I use nolva only for my pct? Everywhere that I have read it seems to be that nolva is a little more potent than clomid. Is there any truth to this? Would 40mg nolva ed for 4 weeks be enough for pct, run with hcg also? Or should nolva and clomid be run together? Or is this just a preference thing? I've only ran clomid and hcg for pct and would like to run the nolva to cut down on my pill consumption.

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Re: Nolva only for PCT.

Post by Visions on Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:51 am

Hey,,,, I've debated all of what you have mentioned... Sorry I didn't save the links to this... someone else here may have the links... anyway... do yourself a favor and follow my recommendations... you can find them in the Post Cycle Therapy forum...

Wanting to avoid negative sides?

Thinking of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, called TRT? ...

You've come to the right place for that type of questions...

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Re: Nolva only for PCT.

Post by DoubleWide on Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:43 am

honestly idont have any written facts but before this last cycle i did my pct with nolvadex only and trust me there is no comparison to what visions laid out for me. the hcg included in the pct makes a world of difference.

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Re: Nolva only for PCT.

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