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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by mac27 on Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:37 am

Ordered for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago. I'm always dubious about using a new source, but these guys have turned out great. I had an initial worry about the Kalpa Prop 100 I received, as it turned up crystallized/Crashed. I contacted Bodypharm and they offered me the option to send back for an exchange. I rectified the problem myself by warming the vials and all is good.

Great comms and support,can't fault at all

Packaging was A jiffy bag, very discreet

The day after I 1st pinned the Kalpa prop I felt it, sex drive up, and just a nice feeling of well being. I'm 2 weeks in and 1 vial done, strength is starting to increase, oily skin, weight is up 5lbs, slight bit of moon face. Didnt know if the Kalpa stuff was going to be any good given the cheap price of it, but I can highly recommend it, its as good as any other stuff Ive used.

Already used these guys again since and will continue to use. Just hope they stay good as in past experience with Internet sources, most tend to go wrong after a while. Keep up the good work guys, Ive already recommended you to others ;-)


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by sluggo on Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:51 am

Second time using BodyPharm's products and I have had nothing but pleasurable experiences each time.

BodyPharm is always prompt with his communication

Ordered Sustaxyl 350 - Could feel the prop kick in almost immediately and the long esters kicked in when they were suppose to. Aggression and strength increase. Libido through the roof.

Highly recommend using this source. Thanks BodyPharm


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by boostntoy on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:35 pm

Excellent source right here without doubt!!! On top of his game with great products and super fast international shipping!

Always on top of responses like he's waiting....

T/A for international was 6 days....from my experience, that's Top Notch!

I ordered the Kalpa Pharma Test P.

I kicked off my current Test Prop, NPP, Anadrol cycle with the Kalpa Prop and it is def some of the best Prop out there. Kalpoa Pharmaceuticals has always been excellent and Bodypharm has a great selection of their line!

I highly recommend Bodypharm! He's a genuine guy with a GREAT line up of gear from many great Labs!!


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by Taff on Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:11 am

Just received my first order....7 days total packed great, product looks legit (tabs & hcg). I'll be a return customer.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by roadrunner on Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:03 am

Ordered 3 weeks ago from Bodypharm, was 100% sure everything was legit but thought I'd wait a bit to leave a better review when gains kicked in.

Excellent comms, replied quickly and was very helpful. Best I've experienced of all the sources I've emailed.

I requested additional packaging for extra discretion and true to his word Bodypharm fulfilled this request with no added charge. Not even a rattle out of the pack when I shook it. Last source I used just threw tabs into an envelope which raised some eyebrows with the post man and family members. Glad I won't have to be concerned about that happening anymore.

Everything seems spot on so far, good pumps from the tbol and strength has started to go up. Getting the MPB itch and noticing my hair is falling out faster than usual lol weight has increased, muscles are harder and look pumped.

I will update when cycle is over.

The range Bodypharm stocks is quality, which is reflected in the reviews you see on this page. I've went through them before I ordered and pretty sure he's the only source with not one bad thing said about him, deserves to be in the number 1 spot for overall service, pricing quality gear and PCT products are always in stock so everything you need.. handy to get the pins here too.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by nun2bright on Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:31 am

After previous source not operating anymore was skeptical about trying out different websites, as been bumped before. However, if your looking for no BS gear, good communication and fast deliveries then look no further. Impressed and have made 3 orders so far.

pack was discreet and the test was rubbed in bubble rap securely so that avoid damage.

I can confirm the legitimacy of the goods.

Look forward to future orders, hope they are all as smooth.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by thoroughbred on Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:34 am

Hey anybody ever get the Anapolon from here?


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by mgeorge on Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:50 pm

No complaints! The process was flawless and products are legit.

No communication was needed as I followed their steps and everything went smoothely and quick!

Packaging was discreet and secure.

Everything is legit and by far the best I have used so far!

This is definately my go to source as the process is painless and I know everything will show and very quickly.

225 pounds, 6ft 1in,Neck=19in, Bi's= ,Quads= ,
P.S. I don't spell well and don't condone the use of illegal drugs. This is all make believe....right?


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by MaNofSteeL on Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:51 am

This review is for Genotropin

Communication is easy. He gets back to you within a couple of hours. Any questions I have he always answer and is very easy to deal with

Packaging is good and discreet.

Product quality is excellent . It's pharma hgh so it shoud be. It does what it should . I've been running it for about 4 months now. I'm sleeping very good at night, fat is coming off daily it looks like. Every time I look in the mirror it Amazes me how defined my muscles look. I'm running 3 ius a day right now.

I have placed many order from here and I always receive them fast. Really easy to deal with and never have to worry about getting order. This is my favorite source to go to and as long as he has what I need I'll get it from here!


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by cretinx on Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:48 am

I placed an order for my pins, syringes and pct (nolva and clomid) from Bodypharm.

There was a slight problem and my order took slightly longer than they expected to put together. I have been using the dbol as a kick start to my cycle(which I got from another source), as well as the needles and syringes, which are good quality.

Their communication was excellent, and I knew what was happening with my order throughout the entire process.

I was going to place an order for clen from another source, but because of the top notch service, Bodypharm gets my order, which I placed last night.

I haven't used my pct yet, because that is still 14 weeks away, but I felt that it was important that I gave my 2 cents worth up on the review board.

I have certainly found my go to guys for all my future needs. Thanks Bodypharm!


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by d3vild0g on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:41 am

Communications were always spot on. Unfortunately I can`t use this supplier often as I have very strict customs in my country so I normally use suppliers with reship policy. However, all orders with this source were preceded promptly with no delay.

Packaging as it should be discrete and simple

Bough Kalpa's Testosterone Enanthate

Well, everyone should understand that one vial is not enough to give opinion about whole Kalpa line. What I can say is that I did not feel any difference when in the middle of my cycle I switched to Kalpa Testosterone so I guess that is a pretty good indication that this is high quality gear.

Oil - clean and smooth. No PIP at all.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by flexarmstrong on Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:20 am

I ordered many many times at bodypharm and every time there was a perfect service and legit products. Today I received my big order with a little bit delay, but everything was perfect. Thanks guys for the nice service and products!


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by robmusta on Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:45 am

Second time I've used these guys and they are one of the best sources on here by far.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by bigswolepump on Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:19 am

It was a smooth and easy process to be sure. Had to write a review to let people know that they are legitimate. I was sent a confirmation email as well as tracking number so I was able to watch the delivery from start to finish. I will provide an update on the compounds that I purchased within a few weeks my fellow borthers.

On a personal note the thing I liked best about these guys is they did not promise ANYTHING that they did not deliver. I respect that. There are other sources out there that tend to overextend themselves and then make excuses.

In closing thank you very much Bodypharm for your fine service and quick turnaround time and for being classy. I will definately order from them again. I suggest the rest of you follow suit to.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by kell11 on Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:55 am

This review is for my last order with Bodypharm; I have made multiple purchases and have tried various brands he supplies to test out efficacy and I can now write a review from experience. Switched over to Test E 250 from the Dragon Pharma brand and the Kalpa blows it out of the water. I had always felt DP was underdosed and now I am positive. I have gained an extra 4lbs in the 3 weeks since switching over to Kalpa brand and I finally feel like I am beginning to experience the sides I expected with my weekly dose 600mg every 4 days; sides with DP was non-existent up to 1000 MG a week without ancillaries. I'll run without ancillaries to measure how my body responds. Because I have had three positive experiences with Bodypharm, I just placed my fourth order: Kalpa Test E 500 and the new Kalpa Testoxyl Suspension 100mg / 10mg Dbol. I'm really excited about this oil and I hope it doesn't let me down. I'll review it in a couple of weeks.

Bodypharm is 100% all around. Communicates fast, ships fast, range of products is broad, easy to do business with, always delivers. Some other sites offer products for cheaper; my philosophy is, you get what you pay for.

Gets here every time, zero issues ever, even with larger orders.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by rsheridan on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:29 am

I ordered dragon pharma winstrol and dragon pharma's test e. Both products were quality. Had an issue with payment but Bodypharm answered all emails fast and made me very confident with his service. I am looking to order again.

This was my first order from these guys and I can't complain.

Once payment was accepted arrived within 2 days

Test e is good. Very little pip. Started feeling in 3rd week. Libido up sometimes embarrassing. Recovery time reduced and strength well up. Got another 2 weeks left.

Started the winny 2 weeks ago. Aggression up and a few large spots. Joints just starting to get a bit achey especially in my left elbow which I tend to get with Winny but always take omega 3,6 and 9 tablets. Might order another test e to prolong cycle.

Good source and really enjoyed cycle. May stay on it a bit longer.

Will order again


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by robert77 on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:40 am

Guys , please keep up the good work. I have NEVER had a better supplier than this! Everything I need under one roof at reasonable prices! Keep up the good work!

Anything I need from these guys, they will help I am sure. Fast response to any query I have and always polite. Recommend to anyone !

The test is lovely and smooth with no pain at all, I have seen great gains when introduced the deca in the 3rd week. Slowly but surely I see deca working as always, it's never a huge and instant gain with any deca. The dbol does exactly as expected, not to much water weight either, maybe it's because I used them at start of cycle but perfect for me. The price is great as well for the product! This is the 3rd cycle I have had and never been disappointed! I'm in my last 4 weeks of test and will be ordering PCT


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by presser on Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:14 am

I am proud to announce that i have been ordering from Bodypharm for nearly 4 months now and service is simply the best! Its no surprise that they are nearly at the top of the list just a small matter of time before they are number 1 spot, then everyone will see that his reviews speak for themselvesw outstanding service all the way....Many thanks!!!

communication is more than satisfactory couldnt be better!

Packaging discreet secure no problem there either!

Ordered Dragon pharma dbol. t4. iran test enanthate

using the test 4 months feeling as healthy as a newborn baby but with huge muscles lol. Old skool user so i know whats good and what isnt and this my FRIENDS is the REAL deal.

Im overly happy with all aspects of this supplier! I dont need to droan on kept simply if youre not ordering from Bodypharm you are missing out!


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by bigmusclehead Yesterday at 6:51 am

This review is for an order placed back in February, with many more to come - found bodypharm to be straight forward and genuine all round, happy to give them future business. Have just placed a second order this afternoon.

As above, straight forward, emails were prompt. No support was required due to no problems occurring, but I get the impression they would be helpful should anything need extra attention.

Swift T/A. Discreet packaging

Ordered Balkan's Test P - pharma grade and definitely genuine. performed as expected from any pharma test prop.

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

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