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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by ace4901 on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:56 am

comms were good as usual not much needed

i remember their ta being pretty quick like a week

this was going to be a part of my first primo run that i unfortunately had to cut short a few months ago bc of a shoulder injury although i did run the whole body and did see benefits but obviously not the full effect. it was supposed to be 650mg ew for 16 weeks so i ran the whole bottle in under two weeks and did notice some vascularity a few more weeks after that out of nowhere that i attribute to that with a different feeling hard to explain could of been me but i plan on starting it back up in a few more weeks yet again and ordering more if my shoulder is ready.

thanks bodypharm will be talking to ya soon

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by dieselfreak on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:15 am

Placed small order for first purchase with Bodypharm and so far all I can say is EXCELLENT customer service!!! Quick response to all questions. Will review again once gear arrives.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by HardDrive on Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:09 am

BodyPharm delivers again.

I bought some Dragon Pharma Tren A to test before I put a big order in. When the gear arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality of the packaging, good solid vile, crimp etc. Injected 100mg within 2 mins red face warm. A couple of hours later sweating like a pig. On for a few days now hunger through the roof, aggression up in a good way, grazing on carbs and still cutting. All the signs of good quality tren. I also have that strange smell that only tren gives me. So far this is looking like a top quality lab.

Will review the Dragon Pharma's test P, Mast E, and EQ, in a week or so once it arrives and has had chance to kick in.

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by magRT496 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:19 am

First order with bodypharm and certainly won't be the last. Very competitive prices and excellent products, all extremely high quality. Would highly recommend bodypharm to anyone!

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by dcvet on Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:51 am

First time ordering with Bodypharm so only ordered 1 pack of Anastrozole (Balkan).

Very good, answered all questions and kept me updated on my order.

Packaging was a discreet jiffy bag.

Pharma grade Anastrozole.

I have been using for 6 weeks now at 0.5mg eod on 1g test e. I'm not bloated and can still see my abs so it is doing its job.

Very happy will order again.

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by goldberg on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:01 am

I ordered with Bodypharm around 2 months ago. I'm very impressed with their service. Gear was great i used it for my first cycle. no problems with them at all. Would highly recommend you use them.

Communication was top notch at every stage confirmation emails, tracking, and payment details were almost immediate which made the process run smooth

Ordered Kalpa Test-e 250

No pip whatsoever, was used as first cycle 500mg / week. On week 8 right now and i could not be happier with my results gained quite alot of lean muscle.

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by kilik on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:52 am

Ok fellow gear heads.. Just check mail and my candy has arrived Smile (REALLY... WHY ARE THESE GUYS NOT NUMBER F*&#ING ONE ON THIS BOARD) Much love to these outstanding business men.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by mr.fish232 on Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:27 am

First order with bodypharm and I have to say that they are amazing. paid on a friday, tracking number by monday of the following week. Nice communication, and very legit packaging... Definitely a customer for life bro. Keep up the good work...

StEeL OrGaNz

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by StEeL OrGaNz on Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:37 am

My order arrived just now today and looks to be good quality. Really really thought the worst but it's okay, will order again and recommend to others. Cheers Well communication started out okay, it took a day or two to get replies but when I did they were standard and professional. Website was okay and fairly easy to navigate.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by largeleftnut on Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:06 am

I have used bodypharm for years. Product is always dispatched and received.

Product is always legit. In one instance where I had a query my email was answered by bodypharm within a few hours. I would not consider using any other supplier.

12 week cycle on Oxandroxyl 10mg per day 5kg weight gain

16% BF

Substantial increase in strength No visible side effects


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by simon30 on Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:47 am

Ok guys I know its always a little unnerving going with a new source. Especially when you are some what of a rookie like me. However, I took a chance with these guys and i could not be happier with them. My order and payment was processed immediately and their customer service and communication therein was excellent. Bodypharm is also easy on the wallet with their fair prices and great deals. For example, When i ordered my gear they had Dragon Pharma on -25%. Not only was the gear a fair price but i was also able to identify the gear legit through Dragon Pharma manufacturer website, and with the use of the product. With that being said, I hope this help inform some of my fellow rookies and maybe some senior members about what you can expect when ordering from these guys.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by gregensen on Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:47 am

Ordered some Kalpatropin 200iu packs a while back and wanted to give an update, excellent results, running at 8IU a day and really seeing some fat loss and growth, very pleased!

Used for 3 months now and starting to see great results.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by muscle_4you on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:29 am

Ordered Cut Long 300 and some Propionat 100 for a second time and I have to say that the whole payment process and delivery was very efficient. Communication was excellent as well. I highly recommend BofyPharm and I will continue to purchase from them in the future A****


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by swollneck on Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:45 am

fantastic service super quick.

emails all the way very good.

300 x dragon pharma dianabol

great deep pumps, 2 kilos in 4 days.

not used gear for 15 years great to get that old feeling.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by MR .T on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:32 am

I ordered from this supplier about 3 months ago. I waited to write this review as I wanted to take the HCG, and to submit a complete report. Shipping, and communication was very fast and effective. This source responded to my questions quickly, and professionally. I received my products in 8 days from time I fulfilled the order requirements. HCG was used on my last cycle, and the results were as expected, and I am very pleased with their service. I will definitely use them again in the future, and I do recommend their service to others without hesitation. A+ service from my experience.

Lizard King

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by Lizard King on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:25 am

next time ill prop ably buy from here. I tried someone else who i won't name, so far waste of time and money but this place here looks like it's working.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by SanDiegoDog on Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:14 am

The customer service and communication with bodypharm can not be beat. Just like their gear. They E mail me back just as if we are texting back and forth. Worth the extra cost. I just placed my order and getting ready to pay. Ive ordered from them before and have nothing but good to say. Soon when I get my bonus check at work,I know exactly where I'm spending that sucker. Right here buying some stocking stuffers for myself. Thanx for your help bodypharm. I ordered my test prop I was panicking about, thinking you were out and also some gen shi.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by SwordOfGlory on Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:00 am

This review is for Test Prop and Var I recieved a few months ago

Products always secure and safe

Ordered five or six times various things test prop tren A, winstrol, anavar proviron.

I Have been using the test p at various dosages anywhere from 100mg day to 30mg a day with great results little to no pip. As dosage increases sex drive hunger oily skin morning wood etc increases. I cant speak for the var tablets but the capsules I got where great no need to go over 50mg forearm pumps brushing my teeth, strength increase in gym had some back pumps that taurine got rid off .

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by TheChisle on Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:17 am

This is my first review of this source. Products include TESTOSTERONE SUSPENSION, TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE, PROVIRON and TRENBOLONE ACE.

If you do what he asks it goes fast. I had zero problems dealing with him and as busy as the guy was during the promo he surprised me.

Arrival was within the parameters he posts on his SI so no complaints. Packaging was on point. Everything arrived intact. Labels were all in great shape and tablets all pressed and solid.

I followed this guys SI for months so when the Christmas promo started I decided to give him a try. His prices can't be beat so it was only the quality that was a concern. I used his products for a cut cycle or a pussy pulling cycle which ever you prefer. I always use the smallest amount of gear possible so I started off with 100 mgs of prop, 75 mgs of tren and 25 mgs of proviron a day with 50 mgs of Testosterone Suspension pre workout. After a week and a half my aggression was was too high, dangerously high so I had to make adjustments. Libido was crazy and strength was up even on a low carb diet. After playing with the dosages I realized the Testosterone Suspension was the culprit so I lowered the prop to 50 mgs a day leaving the tren the same and only taking the Testosterone Suspension on Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's before my major lifts. The result was extreme body fat loss leaving me with a hard, vascular look to my muscles. I had veins everywhere. And I didn't loose any strength during the calorie restricted diet. So my opinion is this.... The test prop is as good and possibly better than anything ive tried with the libido way up and the strength gains. The tren ace was definitely on point with tren cough, night sweats and aggression as well as preserving muscle mass while losing body fat. The proviron gave hard mature look to my muscles as well as extreme vascularity and probably helped with the libido. But the Testosterone Suspension was awesome! Stuff was unreal.... Immediate sense of well being and aggression perfect for a heavy workout or to smash the old lady. And yes I smashed the ol lady so good she proposed. Final opinion.... High quality gear for a working mans price. This guy is legit.

I recommend this source to anyone looking for a good supplier. I've placed two other orders since this one and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Bodypharm for coming through.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by big622 on Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:50 am

Fourth order with BodyPharm, nothing but praise for these guys. Communication is great and they always throw a little extra treat in with my package. Ordered kalpa pharma test prop and T3, dragon pharma test prop and primo. All gear was properly packaged and all gear was authenticated via the dragon pharma and kalpa pharma websites.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by justincase65 on Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:09 am

After trying 12 of the top sources, these guys are number one in product and service. Period. They collect $ fast, send out immediately and web site provides instant tracking. No BS. I have placed 5 orders through this supplier.

Cash is collected so fast and product is received so quick (ave 6-7 days) there isn't a reason for communication. Additionally they provide tracking on all orders.

Perfect, discreet and professionally packed.

The Cialis (30mg) works exactly like the brand name product. No different; which is to say it works very well. The Kalpa Test P is the best I have had, again after trying 12 other suppliers Test P. And I don't mean by a little, it is miles ahead of the closest second. Although its only 100 mg/ml, even at minimal dosage, you notice the sides within 24 hours. Energy, oily skin, erections, etc. etc. No PIP and quite simply, no bull...the best test in this marketplace. Is it pricey? Actually no, given the superiority over everything else out there.

If youre looking for Test P, you have to try this. You wont be sorry.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by user643598 on Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:47 am

Ordered Aromasin to use during my PCT as I had a bad experience with an acne outbreak, due to estro rebound, during the PCT of my last cycle that I didn't want to go through again. I am now two weeks into my PCT running Aromasin from these guys and have had no problems whatsoever. Very pleased and will be looking to place more orders with them in the future. Excellent source.

Communication was excellent throughout, emails regarding my order came through within the same day. Payment was very straight forward and easy, could not have been a smoother transaction.

My order was discreetly packed and delivered within six business days.

Currently two weeks into running the Aromasin during my PCT along with Nolva and Clomid, it's keeping any estro rebound firmly under control, excellent stuff!

It's better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to agonize at length and be right too late.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by morphin on Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:04 am

A female BB from beyond (at least to most). In any case I wanted to post this review to commend Bodypharm on his excellent service and efforts to deliver products to the worst possible countries concerned with AAS. I recently received my products intact and without any problems thanks to Bodypharm. Look forward to the awesome service and legit products. In addition I have ordered a few more products for myself and a family member and am sure I will not be disappointed.

Initially a bit slow but I believe that's an outcome of his/her/their unfaltering delivery and sheer level of success in commitment and success.

Packaging was excellent and T/A was spot on.

Ordered Primobolan Depot and a few other products for family member.

Have not tested product however I am absolutely sure there is little room for disguise. At the same time I will update in the unlikely event of disappointment. That said I don't believe that this source would disappoint given that many of my peers have used Bodypharm and recommend as absolutely PERFECT!

This is my first post and I was most definitely inclined/forced to post about such an excellent service given that most of the so called top rated sources can barely get products through Enough said just give them a go!

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by mjbwarrior on Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:07 am

This is my own unbiased review I was not promised anything.

Usually I make my own stuff, but chinese sources are sketching me out, and when you get thay gut feeling that your next drop may go wrong you trust that.

So I found bodypharm and was a little iffy on ordering just because I am picky as fuck.

I did have an issue with the stuff I recieved and he was VERY prompt to help me sort it out

And almost immediately rectified the issue above my expectations.

Incredible customer service.

Ordered Test prop, Tren ace.

Well I am now onto week 6 so I felt like it was a good time to write this.

For some reason my right glute loves to fuck with me and everytime I shoot tren there I get the cough. This happened right away.

But strength is way up

Massive boners allllll the fucking time and I want to literay fuck everything right now

Typical night sweats

Oily skin

And the hair growing on my body is absurd

Week 6 and im up 8lbs with a conservative bulking diet. Nothing crazy

Top notch gear

Great customer service

Sweet prices

Ill be coming back ans back long as hes in the game



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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by dlm4114 on Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:21 am

Posting a long overdue review for bodypharm finally. I have had 5 orders from them and never had any issues.

Never any issues, even responded to a questions I had regarding my planned cycle and using gear that has passed its use by date - Which is nothing to worry about btw.

Packaging very discreet and bubble wrapped, never received any damaged goods.

I have ordered more than this bit I will just go over what I bought for my last cycle:

Kalpa Test E x5

Kalpa Nandro 250 x3

Kalpa Parabolan x3

Caber x1

I'm currently in week 12 of my 16 week cycle

Weeks 1-8

Test @ 500mg weekly

Deca @ 375mg weekly (did 500mg for weeks 5-Cool

Dianabol @ 45mg every day for the first 5 weeks Weeks 9-16

Test @ 500mg weekly

Parabolan @ 153mg weekly Anastrazole and caber I had incase they were needed to deal with any sides I might have experienced but weren't really required. I used 1mg of anastrazole every 2 weeks while running the dbol but even then the water retention wasn't overly excessive. The Kalpa test e is good, absolutely no pip and sex drive has been on overdrive throughout even with running deca at the same dosage as the testosterone not a hint of deca dick The deca also seemed to work nicely, joints felt better and better as I got further into it and still feel great even after I switched it out for tren. Dianabol was legit, very noticeable strength gains at about 5kg weekly for the big 3 lifts. Obviously all the other gear contributed to this as well but strength gains slowed after dbol was stopped. This was also partly due to minor muscle joint and muscle niggles that had appeared due to the heavy lifting. Switching to the tren after 8 weeks it has leaned me out slightly and had me carrying less bloat and water. Gains have continued all the way through this cycle. No negative sides except a little night sweats and occasionally struggling to get to sleep. Overall I feel all of the products have worked very well, I have felt awesome every day and has been a very good bulking cycle for me.

I started this cycle at a very lean 13 stone (abs very prominent) and I am currently at 15 stone with abs still visible but obviously with some fat gain. These final weeks I will be dropping the body fat levels back down to save the gains I've made and avoid having to cut when off cycle.

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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

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