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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by brownbomber on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:54 pm

I usually just take trt but a few weks ago I started a mild cycle of 300mg test a week (150mg twice a week) and the arimidex I bought was junk and I've been crying over everything. I got some new adex from bodypharm and after just three days (0.5mg a day) it's gone heh heh Smile

Very quick reply to emails

Discreet packaging.


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Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

Post by KainVictus Yesterday at 7:06 am

Ok so this is my first review, but I will try to make it as honest as possible. So I was very nervous about ordering as this was my first cycle, but it came very quick with discreet packaging. I ordered Dragon Pharma's D-Bol, Test E, Nolvadex and HCG, with syringes.

I was using the D-bol and Test E to bulk, and it worked very effectively. I would recommend to anyone. No PIP or nasty side effect, although I did get slight back pains with D-bol as its an oral, these are known as back pumps so I tooks some taurine from Holland and Barrette, and the pains went away.

Great Communication, responded very quick and efficiently. 10/10

Was very discreet and well padded.

Very high quality, like is said it worked very effectively, I had great gains in muscle mass all over, and pushed through my strength barrier.

Overall experience was great, I would recommend to anyone considering buying online. 10/10

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