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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by willie2 on Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:29 am

I ordered a small order of kalpa-dianoxyl-10mgtab-dianabol to try this brand.

support was good and answered all questions in a timely manner and was very helpful and polite

pack was well wrapped and very discrete couldn't hear the pills when i shook pack and had to cut open with a knive. received pack in 10 days from funds being sent.

I ran these at 30mg a day for 20 days with(deca and test from other supplier). had some sides on these heart burn was a bitch eat tums like candy. took 1 dose every 8 hours. i feel the product worked well and i have experience with dbol and i seen the same results from this brand did have a funky smell maybe the compond idk but i felt stronger and didn't get that bloated look like some say i can cut on these as with any compound im very happy with this brand gain at end was 5 pounds not to bad im happy with the results and would use again.

Was very happy with the whole process from start to finish and would recommend these guys as well very fast. i would like to try some other kalpa products in the future.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by dumbkidd on Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:43 am

First cycle I doing on my 10 week of 12 week test-e cycle @ 500 a week and I must say I loved it. Notice it kicking in around the 3-4 week and I was a amazed by the increased in strength , libido, and while being. Strength increase was a about a 20-25% increase as well feel strong pumps. Notice my body changing and feels great knowing I coming closer to my goals. Started a 225lbs now up to 240lbs . Libido is great feel like a teenager with hormones out of control. Wife ask why I didn't start cycle before. So I take it she enjoys the libido as well. Self confident also improve at least it did with me feel more like a alpha male. Feel strong all the time and feel good about myself. Anger and aggression is not an issue. Overall great first cycle for me and look forward to more to come.

Communication was good and painless very easy process

Packaging arrives air tight and very discret . Packaged arrived in 5-7 days very quick.

3-test E 250

1- clomid

Product is great , do get pip but I believe it's due to virgin muscles and my body is slowing adjusting. Pin yesterday and pip is very minimal so I'm adjusting just fine. Do have oily skin but it's not to bad didn't breakout with ache so I'm happy with that. No side affects other then the oily skin.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by bmoore2 on Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:42 am

Been running KP tren for 8 weeks now. Results are what you would expect from good tren - great. Night sweats, aggression, strength and size gains. Gear is very good, customer service is great very happy with Rxsteroids.

Communication and support is great, tickets were responded to quickly.

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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

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