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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by ketch on Tue May 09, 2017 3:25 am

Usually the tren sides I'm suffering are night sweats, insomnia and strange dreams. And with the Dragon Pharma Tren I'm having all this and also gained 3kg in 3 weeks....


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by ifbb23 on Thu May 18, 2017 8:45 am

Ordered 4 times now here, about to put in #5. Gear is great, customer services is on point, and shipping is super quick. I'll be a customer for life!! I've ran cutting and bulk cycles and had phenomenal results with theirproducts.

Incredibly discreet and product is always well packaged well.

Best source i've ever used. Like I stated above I'll be a customer for life. Highly, highly recommend Rxsteroids!


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by stevothedevo on Fri May 26, 2017 11:25 am

Wanted to say I was quite impressed how fast my gear arrived and what a difference I can tell. Ordered Gen HGH x 5 and I feel great!

The packaging was very professional!

So far the quality seems to be great! I've been on HGH now for well over a year and seem to have to take less of the genotropin than others I've been on.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by uppercut on Wed May 31, 2017 7:43 pm

Placed an order with RxSteroids on 18-May-17 and 13 days later it still hasn't shipped. I'll keep you informed of the progress.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by carolinasown on Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:11 am

Rxsteroids and I worked things outs.

He was quick to handle the situation at task.

14 Business days

Rx is a man of his word. I had a problem with something I ordered, he sent me the value amount in dragon pharma oils. You won't find many sources out there to fix this big of a problem to make you consumer happy.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by 4theloveofthesport on Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:10 am

I was in need for some caber due to the high dosages of tren I was on also it's good to have on hand .

Communication couldn't have been any better at one time I had concerns about my items he checked into and sure stuff two days later it showed up .Src meet my expiation with his commutation and support.

T/A was about 10 day .Packaging meet proper protocol when dealing in this business.

1x caber 1mg

Started caber about three weeks 1mg a week broken down to .50 twice a week .One thing I noticed when my prolactin is high is my sex drive drops .Week 2 I noticed a difference I am in week 3 now sex drive back into swing also noticed a increased in volume of my load after sex another good sign .The products look like they came straight out the pharmacy box and instructions.

You can't go wrong if you don't see product still shoot him a pm he might be able to help you out I am glad I took a chance to try this src .I will make more orders in the future.


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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

Post by pumkinhead on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:26 am

This was the first time that I used the supplier and the order took approximately 2 weeks to arrive (which I expected). Communication with the seller was fast considering the time-zones, and everything arrived as expected. Packaging was very well put together and the products looked good to me. I also had a chance to compare the pills to verify identify, and all was good. It's not that I didn't trust anything considering the extensive positive reviews, but it is my first experience so I figured I'd perform due diligence.

Communication was fast and within hours due to the seller's timezone.

The items were packaged very well

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Re: - Legit Steroid Source

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