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Re: Reviews

Post by ZMA on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:36 am

I received my products within the TA time and packaging was discrete. now on to the good stuff!!!! based on the advise of some great pros and other reviews I decided to give a try!!!!!

WELL I am so glad I did!!!! I order the "Dragon Pharma Anavar... Kalpa Proviron" now I am going to say I have never used anavar before or proviron.. but base on all the advise and the knowledge I have gained with all my questions to other members.. BTW thank you... you know who you are, as I stated started taking the var and proviron and I love the feeling I have with the addition to the compounds I am already running for the last 2 weeks.. noticeable energy increase and feeling of well being is heighten beyond anything I have experienced in the past, although I have never used any orals ever... except DBOL.. and I discontinued that within two weeks did not like the feeling.. NOW TO BE CLEAR ON THIS REVIEW I AM SPEAKING FOR MY GIRLFRIEND AS WELL... and wow 10 mg a day as well and she is in a zone..there is already noticeable tightening in the places she always just seems to not be able to get where she wanted.. energy is crazy she is killing me with her sexual appetite... paybacks a bitch now I know how she feels when Im in the middle of a high test cycle.. haha it is great !!! thank you I will be ordering again soon and will be trying some oils as well!!


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Re: Reviews

Post by BadBoi on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:14 am

I decided to go with this supplier after seeing his prices and hearing nothing but good things about his tren and test also had two buddies order from him and they loved his products. I have placed 2 orders with this supplier and everything has come super fast. This was also my second time with tren ace I've always used tren e before in the past.

Communication and support was quick and to the point not a hassle at all

Welsh Dragon

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Re: Reviews

Post by Welsh Dragon on Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:06 pm

Coming home from a hard days graft to a parcel from buy-steroids is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Support, excellent as usual. Answered my queries fast and efficiently. As Ive said many times, excellent ordering process, very professional.

Collects payment quickly which means your order is posted quickly with next week delivery. Excellent service all round. Well packaged and discreet.

Arimidex is dragon pharma grade and works very well. Its all I use. DP products have been a major part in many of my recent anabolic adventures and I see & feel the results you would expect. PIP for me is hit and miss. Some shots are painless where some aint. Its just a part of juicing. The Balkan clen has me shaking and sweating in the cold so Im pretty confident in that. All products are doing there job very well. These are what I run most the year and I know what Im looking for in the results.

Another flawless order.


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Re: Reviews

Post by ChuckD on Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:30 am

Got the goodies in today! Everything looks good. Communication has been excellent through the whole process. Will follow up periodically with my progress. Starting weight is 165 at 5'8.


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Re: Reviews

Post by stavross on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:04 am

First time using this source and will definitely be using them again. This review is for the: Dragon Pharma Trenbolone 100 (tren ace 100mg/mL)

Dragon Pharma Winstrol (winstrol tabs 50mg)

Very discreet packaging. I wouldn't be worried in the future about these getting picked off. Very smart.

Both products came in original packaging with package inserts and anti counterfeit holograms and site to confirm.

I waited till I was completing my cycle before I left this review. I ran 80mgs ED as I am not new to tren. Not only is the strongest tren ace Ives used to date, 80mg of this feels like 100mg of other well known brands. The sides were not the prevalent (other than some sweating and light trensomnia) since I did a low dose test with it .... The synergy between the winny and tren ace stack yielded a significant body fat loss, substantial strength gains and a much more aesthetically overall appealing physique. Very pleased. has real Dragon Pharma legit gear and will get it to you with no problem. Great source.


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Re: Reviews

Post by Nick on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:49 am

Top quality customer service. Purchase payment and delivery went through without any trouble.

Discreet and well packaged. Very fast t/a of a couple of weeks.

10 week cycle of Test-E 600mg & Deca 300mg. Product packaging looked fantastic, now to find out if the contents matched ! Indeed it did not disappoint.... Within 2 weeks of starting the cycle the obligatory lumps appeared under my nipples. This was kicked into touch by running a little Cabaser also purchased from this supplier. My bodyweight steadily rose along with my general well-being and increase in strength. Halfway through the cycle I developed heavy Acne on my upper back which had become very oily. Still a bit of Acne at mid forties made me feel like a Teenager once again ;-) I used my Glutes for Injections and had no Pip whatsoever shooting the whole 3 ml After 10 weeks my Bodyweight had risen from 206lb > 232lb with a significant decrease in Bodyfat. In regard to the Bodyfat I will add I also ran Genotropin @ 2.5iu ed and my diet stayed the same. So far 5 weeks off cycle and 2 weeks into PCT my current Bodyweight is sitting at 229lb and oddly no loss in strength so for me it was a very successful 10 weeks.

Dragon Pharma - Fantastic gear and will definitely recommend.

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