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Post by Laro on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:11 pm

My shipment showed up today. Better late than never.  Well packaged and all there.....


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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

Post by GTNLD on Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:10 am

THE RESULTS ARE IN!! I went to my mailbox and there was my gear!!! I'm absolutely amazed! The box was very indiscreet and packaged very well. Everything looks legit and in its original packaging.


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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

Post by ford on Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:38 am

This was my 3rd order with Just as fast and reliable as the first two orders.

Answered every one of my questions in a timely manner.

Used MG on a Monday and it was shipped out on a Tuesday. Tracking #'s were provided as well. Order took two weeks door to door, which is typical with Int'l to the west coast. The packaging is very professional. Product was secure and protected during transit.

I've been using Pfizer Geno since January and there's nothing like Pharma GH. Sleep great, tingley hands, recover fast. And the quick pens are the way to go. So easy to use and no syringes to disposes of.


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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

Post by gutterboy on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:50 am

This is an overdue review for my order that was roughly 7 months ago.

Immediately responds to any questions or concerns. I couldn't have asked for better communication.

Turn around was 7 days from payment.

The test was effective and I found it to be more or less the same quality as other suppliers. The tren E arrived to me crashed, but it was freezing out and crashed gear is easily fixed so I had no problem with it. This was the best tren ive ever used. So good that it made me question my previous tren. I used it fot two months on a cut. I lost 5 pounds and still squat, bench, and deadlift numbers went through the roof. On this tren I was the best that ive ever looked.

Loved doing business with them. Great source.


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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

Post by watevrpal on Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:22 am

this is a review for Organon Sustanon 250 first off I must say that I have always lovedand had great results usingin this brand. I have used a few different compounds all with great results. And this time was no different.

there was really no communication needed. order was placed, automated email was sent, package was received. End of story. Just how it should be.

it took just over a week to receive the complaints there.the vials were bubble wrapped nice and tight and I would have no worries about breakage happening during transit with the way it was was obvious that care was put into packaging the products.

like I said above I have absolutely no complaints about this compound. I used it in the middle of a fairly long Sustanon Run using 750 milligrams weekly.I switched to this brand after using a well known and very reputable sources Sustanonand felt absolutely no kind of drop off or test crash at all. Therefore it was at least dosed pretty equal to the brand I was using prior to this which I did blood work on with good results.I cannot really comment on gains as far as weight and in the gym go considering I ran this already 20 weeks into a run. By then gains have slowed drastically and weight was not increasing like it would have during the first 12 or so weeks of any given cycle.although I did run it alongside NPP which help me fill out greatly considering I was pretty flat due to the tren I was using prior while I was running this compound gains were not tremendous but I did fill out very nicely with the help of this compound running alongside the NPP.

I have 0 complaints about the source and nothing but positive things to say thus far. I definitely recommend them and 100 percent recommend organon products.


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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

Post by profit1 Yesterday at 6:56 am

I would like to say that a friend turned me on to about 6 months ago. The shipping is amazing and the communication was sub par. I do not want to name drop but I had been using another source for about 2 years when my friend told me about I put in an order of dragon pharma's sustanon, tren e, and dbol. I received the order in about 10 days from the time I made payment. I started at a weight of 164lbs when I first got on this cycle. I knew since I was running the tren too I would stay fairly lean if my diet was somewhat clean. The sustanon's short ester hits almost immediately I was feeling it, and the long ester took about two weeks to kick in. The tren took about the same, two weeks. My results were amazing, I am 184 lbs lean and I will recommend this lab to anyone.

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Re: Reviews - Is It Legit or Fake?

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