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Stanabol/Winny & Test Prop Cycle Help!


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Stanabol/Winny & Test Prop Cycle Help!

Post by Caper on Mon May 16, 2016 3:29 am

Hey guys,

ive been researching cycles on the forum that are similar but i want to get a cycle down so i can order the correct quanity from ******

Background: 23, 175lbs, 16% body fat and wanting to trim alot of belly fat off but still retain most of my muscle and strength.

Workout schedule: too much to list but i have it down with lots of cardio every day with enough weights. i can fine tune the cardio vs weights later after i make the order.(takes awhile to get it)

Previous Cycle: Only other cycle: Deca/Test E.  7 weeks.  august 2005

BD Stanabol 50MG tablets and 10ml Test Prop Amp. Also will be taking liver clensers

how does the following look

WEEK ONE:     2cc Test Prop. (1 CC monday, 1 CC thursday)
WEEK TWO:    3cc Test Prop. (1.5 CC monday, 1.5 CC thursday)
WEEK THREE:  3cc Test Prop.  Intro with 50mg of Stanabol
WEEK FOUR:   3cc Test Prop.   50mg of Stanabol
WEEK FIVE:    3cc Test Prop.   50mg of Stanabol
WEEK SIX:     3cc Test Prop.   50mg of Stanabol
WEEK SEVEN: 3cc Test Prop.   50mg of Stanabol
WEEK Eight:   50mg of Stanabol until bottle runs out..should be 2 days short if i have 40 tabs

for pct i like to use clomid @ 100mg ED for 30days

How does that look...I know its probably a SLOPPY cycle...but ive been researching cycles and having trouble finding a winny/test p cycle.

SOOO please butcher it up

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Re: Stanabol/Winny & Test Prop Cycle Help!

Post by gustavo77 on Mon May 16, 2016 4:17 am

Hey bro, i understand what you are trying to do, but 99% of equation is diet. Eat clean and do morning cardio on empty stomach. As far as the cycle, prop needs to be injected at least eod, it's best if injected daily. You'll keep your blood levels more stable by doing of 50mg test p. ed or eod. as far as winny, i don't like it that much do to it's sides-- it can really dry out your joints and make them prone to injury, paticularly while you are on a calorie reduced diet and limiting fats. T-bol would help you out much more..nice lean gains, with little sides. 40-50mg/day of t-bol for 5-6 weeks will help you achieve your goals.


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Re: Stanabol/Winny & Test Prop Cycle Help!

Post by BMZ617 on Mon May 16, 2016 4:51 am

Personally, I love Winny. I used it in my last cycle and my joints didn't dry out. I guess different people have different reactions. I was doing 50mg Test Prop/37.5 Tren Ace./50mg Winny every day. Great results, but unfortunately had to cut the cycle short due to a health reason unrelated to gear.

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Re: Stanabol/Winny & Test Prop Cycle Help!

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