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Steroids Scammer Sites

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Steroids Scammer Sites

Post by Dr. Steroids on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:05 am

Fake steroids and scamming websites! Online steroids scammer list update.


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Re: Steroids Scammer Sites

Post by w.sch12 on Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:17 am


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Steroid supplier scam warning

Post by Ktm690 on Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:41 pm

Please do not purchase from [email protected] as with alo t of low life suppliers ,same crap tell you what you want to hear then take your money and run never reply, so please anyone read this pass on the warning alo t of us has no connection and we have to turn to the web ,where we lose our hard earned money to some thug punk, that is untraceable , and thank God they are because I would rip their head off if I could find them. , anyway be warned of this seller


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[email protected] Scam Alert

Post by Ktm690 on Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:46 pm

This supplier is a scammer donot purchase from tbis guy pass it on don t want people to lose their money to punks like this


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Post by pyramid90 on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:47 am

I placed an order an order about 10 days ago from for $240 via BTC. Within minutes I recieved an email confirming that my payment had been accepted. Later that same day I recieved an email that my order was being packaged and being prepared for shipment. They never shipped my order. They are for the most part refusing to respond to my "tickets". (2 responses from 8-10 tickets).
1 response was that "they're unable to make outgoing shipments at this time", yet they happily took my money and never informed me on when they could ship.
Next I asked for my BTC to be refunded to my BTC wallet. The 2nd response from them was that I would be refunded in the next 24 hours. This was a blatant LIE. I have yet been refunded nor have they shipped my package. They won't respond to my tickets and are extremely unprofessional. Don't trust the positive reviews.
The site is a SCAM.

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Re: Steroids Scammer Sites

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