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HGH With TRT For Some Of Us Old Guys


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HGH With TRT For Some Of Us Old Guys

Post by jrobinsonlaw on Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:47 am

Well, I have been on TRT (150mg of test cyp/wk)for a couple of years and am very happy with how I feel. I do my cycles like Visions on this board i.e. TRT plus a low or non-aromatizing ASS then back on TRT. Question: my doctor has suggested I get on HGH...says I will like it etc. I don't mind spending the 400$ per month if it is worth it but wanted to get some advice from those who have tried it. This is something I would do year around. Thanks in advance

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Re: HGH With TRT For Some Of Us Old Guys

Post by morthanmeetsthei on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:33 am

I was on a prescibed HRT a little while ago using 100iu hcg ed/.75iu hgh ed/.5mg Adex e3d and worked well to bring up my test levels with no sides. I did year round and liked it. I didn't try adding extra AAS to the HRT so i can't comment on it. I do like hgh. Energy was higher and recovery much better. The only down side is cost... Prescribed hgh from the pharma is just too expensive. With underground stuff you have no idea how its been handled. Even unreconstituted, hgh is heat sensitive and can degrade rapidly. Its really easy to pay a lot and end up with degraded hgh.

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