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Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories


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Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by irishpride0769 on Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:48 am

what was everyones first cycle and how did it go? ill start us off..mine was sten and prop and did EOD shots with one 20gauge pin for about 4weeks then shot sten twice a week and gained some good water and a little bit of strength..i was very young about 18 at the time and wished i would have waited..i got my gear from some shitty gym dealer who raped me on costs about 350$ on 20amps of prop, the prop was good though virmone LOL and the guy was nice enough to give me one pin lets hear those firsttime stories and y they sucked LOL if i could go back i would hve waited till i was at least 21 and learned a ton more and had my diet and trainin in check and a good foundation...


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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by 69ECLIPSE on Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:48 am

My First Cycle Was When I Was 22,used winny And Test.made Real Good Gains And Didn't Really Shut Down.boy If I Knew Then What I Know Now I Would Have Never Done It.lost Most Of The Gains But Good Learning Experience


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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by o2jumper on Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:25 am

My first cycle was this year. How I started....Began looking online, found Dbol and deca from a terrible and expensive company. Three times higher than roids actually. Tried shooting the Deca with a 1/2" insulin (which was the size recommended from their oh so knowlegable staff, yea right)needle and took the dbol w/o milk thislte or liv. Stupid mistake. That lasted like a week until I came across roids. You would not believe the number of companies I looked at for two months. I was so worried about getting ripped off by roids after all the BS from other companies. So after a few posts and some sound advice from the mods I placed an order. I did not order enough and started anyway. I broke two amps in my hands trying to open them so that sucked. I modified my cycle, ordered more and the rest of the cycle went smooth. I just started PCT and still maintaining the weight and gains. What did I learn? Always trust roids, always research then ask questions, never start a cycle until all gear is on hand and ensure you have your PCT planned, it works. Thanks roids. Looking forward to my winter cycle. I feel like the mad scientist trying to come up with my next cycle, pretty fun planning it out.

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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by NTG on Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:04 am

Wow I thought I could forget about the first run lol. My firs run I was 21. I think I paid 250 bucks for a 20ml of Test E.I also received 20g pinz(I still remember the pain and the blood). It was a nightmare. I actually quit and went to Prohormones after that. I put on some good size but lost most of it like we all do on an uneducated first run like that. Ironically my roomate cycled and I didnt even know it. I dont even remeber how it got brought up but one day we just started talking about cycles and what not. He schooled me in the basics and got me on the boards and on the right track.

I wish i could go back and delete that part of my life but its all a learning process.

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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by Too Small on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:04 am

My 1st: 22 years old

Started with dbol for 4wks.
Then, I went to the darkside. I did TestE, Deca,EQ and Dbol for 10 weeks. I was soooo scared of needles. My 1st injection, my boss gave me. My second, I was too freaked out, my gf at the time would not give me the shot. I got pissed and left her house. As I driving, I had the syringe in my hand and shot 3ml's of the mix out of my car window....which pissed me off even more. After that I had a friend stick me. He was atleast 400lbs. In return I had to stick him. That was NOT a pretty site!!! I never did any PCT... didn't know what that was.
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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by Dr. Steroids on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:36 am

I decided to finally try AAS after 5 years of serious lifting and it was deca/Test enth for 12 weeks w/ shots 2x wk. I actually got my help from some of my friends here when we were on another board years ago. I made some serious gains and b/c my PCT was good i kept most of my gains afterwards.

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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by MdTNT on Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:28 am first was back when JC and i were trying to figure out how in teh world we were gonna take on the Romans we couldn't find syringes since they were nto invented yet so we had to use hollow tubes made of clay and it sure was messy....actually i think my first was back in the 70's....most likey it was some home brew from a bud who i looked up to...much too long ago to remember.....M-

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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

Post by hatfield on Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:24 am

i was years old. i bought a bottle of test prop. from a guy for 100.00.
he told me to start with a half a cc eod for 2 wks and then go to 1cc eod. which i did. he also told me not to drink( i did) eat clean ( i did not) and dont smoke( i did). after a month i remember being alot stronger and had noticeable gains, but a buddy i soon ran out and had no idea about pct or how to get antmore. sometime during this post period when i was pretty shut down, this girl i had been trying to get with deceided to come over after drinks and, well you know. little did i know that i would be un able to give her my " full attention!" what timing! i had been after her for so long! funny now but not then. i remember thinking, please dont notice!


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Re: Remember Your First Cycle? Lets Hear Those Stories

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