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end of wk 5.. horrible


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end of wk 5.. horrible

Post by GroundSpike on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:03 pm

well this is the end of wk5 and i must stay this has been the worst week i could have imagined. on monday i did sprints and strained my hammy, the next day i woke up with a fever from hell. i was so sick all wk that all i could do was work and whenever i had the chance to relax i passed right out , got off at 4 pm passed out until like 3 in the morning i lost nearly 10lbs (so my scale told me) i was 206.6 i weighed my self yesterday at 197. i had a realy hard time keeping food down all week didnt even have enough to workout but twice once on friday and on monday. oh and i think i might be getting some gyno i found a painful lump thats near my nipple. so im 99% sure its gyno so im thinking im gonna hit it with 40mg of Nolvadex tonight and then keep it at 20 mg till the end of my cycle, i also have clomid for pct as well. but i need to order more nolva cuz for some reason i wasnt thinking stragiht and only ordered 60 pills. but do you think that might be to low of a dosage?. but anyways im taking this weekend to try and refuel my body to get ready for wk 6 . well thank you much.

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Re: end of wk 5.. horrible

Post by gustavo77 on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:49 pm

Sorry to hear about your illness bro. regarding the nolva, i experienced some soreness as well and i blasted it with 40mg for 3 days then just 10mg/day since then and have had no probs. It is probably best to run an aromatize inhibitor (Aroma or letro or arimidex) for your next cycle- that's my plan also. I suggest you take 20-30grams/day of glutamine and 3-5 grams/day of vitamin C to get your immune system rocking. This will help you recover from your illness and get you back to where you need to be- growing!! Peace.


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Re: end of wk 5.. horrible

Post by irishpride0769 on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:36 pm

when i am feeling really shitty and sick i try and run some injectable B12 while on and off if i have enough of it, also iknow how hard it is eating and wanting to eat anything (cept shittty food) when sick so try and drink your cals, some high protein shakes with flax,hemp and olive oil should help..hope you feel better


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Re: end of wk 5.. horrible

Post by Nitrateman on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:11 pm

Sorry you had such a shitty week. Do you think that the flu like symptoms were gear related or just a bug?


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Re: end of wk 5.. horrible

Post by Fitnessrx on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:46 pm

It always sucks when you get sick in the middle of a cycle, but welcome to
the world of bodybuilding. Get a lot of rest and don't go back to the gym
until you are sure you are well. Believe me your body will not fall apart in
a few days or couple weeks. Whatever you lost will come back quickly when
you feel well and start working out again.
If I neglect my antie's and get a lump behind my nipple, I start 20mg
of nolva and 25-50mg Proviron until the lump goes completely away then
I stay at 10mg Nolva and 25mg Proviron daily and that keeps it under control
for me. If I start my cycle with 10mg of Nolva from the very beginning, the
gyno never happens.
Feel better soon, and go back to you work outs when feel well.
Get Better Soon!! Fitnessrx

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Re: end of wk 5.. horrible

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