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With This Gear, What Cycle Would You Do ?


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With This Gear, What Cycle Would You Do ?

Post by worldspan on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:25 am


My "buddy" has the following on hand and would like to construct
a 12 week cycle with it. Any suggestions for his cycle would be
most appreciated. He has:

6 10ml QV250 Test Enanthates
3 10ml Deca 300s
3 10ml Primo 100s
4 100 tab bottles of Anavar (oxandro) 5mgt
145 A50s (anadrol)

So what kind of cycle would you construct and would you consider it
a bulking or cutting cycle ? He is not competing for a while, size is main goal.

My buddy has been cycling on/off over 6 years, currently 210lbs, any input would be appreciated


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Re: With This Gear, What Cycle Would You Do ?

Post by 69ECLIPSE on Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:05 am

it really depends on your friend.does he want to do a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle?if hes going to do a bulker heres the way i would lay it out:

1)test e 750 mgs a week 1-12
2)deca 600 mgs a week 1-12
3)anadrol 100-150 mgs a day weeks 1-5

for a cutting cycle i would do this:

1)test e 500 mgs a week 1-12
2)deca 400 mgs aweek 1-12
3)anavar 60-80 mgs a week 1-6
4)primo 300-500 mgs a week 6-12


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