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RoidsMall.Net Reviews: Legit Steroids Pharmacy


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RoidsMall.Net Reviews: Legit Steroids Pharmacy

Post by Masculus on Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:29 am

This is a bit late, but I'm writing my review for because they did come through for me on their last promo. I can say for a fact that their stuff is definitely quality as far as the sp labs and kalpa gear that I ordered. I've used Balkan plenty of times as well and love it but didn't order any this time. So, I will be using them for more stuff in the future.

The gear arrived within the time frame and was definitely quick enough for me considering where it's shipped from. The packaging was very discreet and everything was perfectly intact.

I ran the kalpa's npp (duraxyl) for my last cycle at 400mg per week with 900mg of test enanthate per week and I halved that into two shots a week. This was my second run with npp and with this dose, I had amazing results. I put on 20 lbs very easily and was very solid. Unfortunately though I always have to suffer from 19-nor steroids. I ran tren last year and the acne was uunbearable. This run with npp would have probably made it my new favorite over tren, but it shut down my sex drive completely. I was shootin pool with a rope for about 3 months after I finished it. Finally got it back and then started the oral tren 750mcg for this cycle with 500mg of test. It's almost identical to tren ace and it's making me nice and solid and leaning me out. Not alot of size, but I never put on alot on a winter tren cycle. It's more about cutting and it's definitely doing its job. Needless to say, the gear is totally legit and I'm a happy customer.

Other than deca sides that you never know if they are gonna hit you, I was very please with the size I put on regardless and the oral tren is currently treating me very well. I can say the same for RoidsMall. They took care of me and they seem to carry all the brands I have grown to love. Prices are very fair, the shipping is fast, and I will order again.


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Re: RoidsMall.Net Reviews: Legit Steroids Pharmacy

Post by giannos on Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:33 am

I've been around here for a while now, and I really have no idea why people go to anyone other than roidsmall.

Product quality is top notch. I consistently gain 20-25 pounds of lean mass per cycle (I lose some during PCT, of course). This was my first time with Kalpa's primo, and it's as good or better than anything out of the European pharmas. This cycle, I gained only about 10 pounds, but I still have a few more weeks to go. Plus, the goal was to cut up more than anything, as I've been running about 1 g of test and 1 g of primo (with a dash of deca for the joints) per week. And that's definitely worked the way I wanted it to. I don't check my body fat very much, but I can see that I'm way tighter than before. If I had before and after photos of this cycle, they would tell a pretty significant story. Also, the aromasin is working better than any A1 that I've used in quite a while, as I've cut my normal dose in half and still see no signs of high estro.

Been using these products for three months. Been ordering from roidsmall for years now.

My first go-round on this review was sub-par for someone with my experience, so I came back to offer more details. Thanks to the mods who let me slide on that.

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