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Post by Ironworker on Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:58 am

Decided to give these guys a go based on the fact that they offer to buy steroids with bitcoin and carry Kalpa Trenboxyl A. And very glad I did too. Will certainly be using again Smile

Kalpa tren security code checked out fine on the Kalpa site and doing exactly what I hoped it would. Nothing but praise for these guys.

Great comms, good range of products and a pleasure to deal with.

Been using the Trenboxyl A for a shade over 3 weeks, which is enough time to judge tren acetate imo... and very impressed. 50mg ED (which is 350mg/wk) thru a slin pin (make sure you're lean to get deep enough) and getting all of the fun and greatness you'd expect from decent tren and a bonus is that it's at a dosage where the sides aren't bad at all (some mild insomnia so far that's about it). Strength gains have started to come on, after about 2 weeks, with 6-8 rep weights now being used for multiple sets of 10 and rest times coming down. Physique changes started happening pretty quickly (was previously cruising on 250mg/wk test and have kept that the same - the only addition is the tren with no diet change so it's purely down to that). Now at the 3 week plus mark and starting to make a dent in vial 2, leaning up a bit nicely whilst adding muscle. May increase to 70mg ED (which is about 500mg/wk) and/or increase test if things slow down, but frankly I'm getting the results I want from a sensible, affordable, near-side-free dosage. So why not keep going Very Happy

Good source and good product. I like Kalpa anyway, but have previously only used their test enan and sust blend. Glad to find out that their tren ace is solid (have previously used various tren products over the years but never Kalpa), and glad to have around. Cheers Smile

"Damn you're big! Must be steroids!" The last words uttered in this dick's life....


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by whynot on Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:40 am

Really great gear! It was the second time I ordered from them and although my order has been lost they resent it successfully. I definitely recommend to everyone .

It's my new supplier, looking forward to my next order.


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by truckerbob on Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:48 am

I have made two orders from and have been pleased with both. Flexible payment options, good response time to emails and shipping time was what I expected. KP Test E had some significant PIP however we went through a wicked cold spell and this could have been part of the problem. Luckily I had ordered some EQ as well and following their advice I cut the test with the eq and the issue no longer exists. Strength is up, feeling good and would certainly use and recommend this source going forward.

Good communication, customer service and support.

Packaging is some of the best I have ever seen.

I believe the quality of the product to be on point. Going in to my 4th week, weight on the scale and strength have gone up considerably. Aggression up, patience down.... source is g2g


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by rx350 on Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:58 am

I've used Rx-Roids several times over the last couple of years. I'm a big fan of BP products, and I have never been let down.

The site is easy to navigate. The source is very professional in written communication.

The packaging was sufficient. The whole AAS source community could really step up their stealth techniques, but it was enough to clear customs, now and in the past.

BP Letro

I use 1.25mg of Letro a week. This is used in conjunction with 50mg Test E and 10mg Test P E3D. The prop is added and removed as I see fit. My recent blood work has E2 at 14. This Letro shipment is working correctly and is on par with other shipments of BP Letro I have used.


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by MsX on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:07 am

This review is for the last rx-roids promo for bp dbol and clomid. Very professional company, looking forward to trying more of their gear.

Ta was decent for int. If I remember correctly it was under 2 weeks, as you know that's very acceptable.

Well they are definitely Balkan pharma and bp quality is always excellent. I dosed the dbol at only 30mg ed. Pump was immediate, strength came after, very effective at lower doses. Overall I put on 15 lbs at the end and kept 10. Clomid I took at 100mgs then 50mg with the usually pyramid cycle for pct.I don't have bloods to back it up but they worked great and had me recovered by the end of pct. What more can you ask for.

Definite pharma quality gear, tried and true. I recommend trying these guys Balkan orals if you haven't tried them yet.


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by italia320 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:25 am

T/A was within normal time. Packaging was done nicely and discretely.

I haven't used the stanoxyl yet, just the arimixyl.

Was on vacation and decided to switch to arimixyl from aromasin I was using from another source. Was running 500mg Test E Tues/Friday for 12 weeks. Got a little bloated even on my normal dose of aro (6.25-12mg) that was working for me. Took half a tab of the anastrazole (arimixyl) eod for a week and a half and bloat/elevated blood pressure returned to normal. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why the aromasin I was taking stopped working though.

Great products and great T/A.


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by shortstuff on Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:16 am

Review for some of KP products.

Any info needed was given, quick and complete support.

T/A was 1 week.

Safe and discreet packaging.

KP Clenbuterol

KP Test Enanthate

KP Trenbolone E

KP Clenbuterol was strong, the sides were annoying but it did its job in making me lose and nice bit of bodyfat in just 14 days.

Then i started using KP Test Enanthate at 250mg a week with KP Trenbolone E at 400mg a week, it was the first time that i used Trenbolone and it was a great experience. Sides were bearable and results were insane. Great mass gains, great fat loss, incredible strength gains. Didn't have much of the "tren cough" just a bit of coughing a couple of times.

I highly recommend rx-roids service and products.


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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by brianlovescheese on Mon May 07, 2018 7:06 am

This review is for the 20 mg nolvadex that I received as part of a promo a few months ago.

The source informed me when the pack had shipped and that was all the communication that was needed.

T/A was about two weeks to the U.S. East Coast and packaging was very discreet and secure

I have been using for two months at 20 mg ED to reduce the noticiability of pre-existing gyno. I have had gyno since puberty, but have noticed that taking a low dose of a SERM makes it much less noticeable, which is very nice- especially since I live in the beach and it is summer time

So far I have only tried the Nolva, but I was very satisfied with the product and the experience of doing business with rx-roids. I plan to hopefully pull the trigger on some injectables soon, this was a test order and they passed with flying colors

Lou Who

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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

Post by Lou Who on Mon May 21, 2018 5:43 am

This is for the balkan proviron I used in my last prep

No communication neccesary

started taking one a day for the first 8 weeks and than bumped it to 100 and than 150. My sweet spot was def 100mg. It was incredible. Acted as anti estrog, helped with gyno, increased vascularity and good tightness. Sex drive was sky high. Probably the most underrated drug and one of my favs.

Great proviron. Get your hands on it if you know whats good for you

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Re: Reviews: Buy Steroids With Bitcoin

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